Over the last 8 months, we thoroughly tested Aikido’s Signature 7-Piece Knife Set. Today, we’re ready to give our final judgement after having evaluated various aspects of these knives, including durability, cost, material quality, blade construction, which knives are included, ease of maintenance, and more.

What’s included in the Aikido Knife Set?

When we ask ourselves, what types of knives a professional knife set should include, the Aikido Signature Set hits the nail on the head. We believe that whether you’re a professional chef (like us) or a serious cooking enthusiast, the Aikido Signature Knife Set includes all the essential knives you’ll need to complete even the most complex cooking tasks.

The Aikido Signature 7-Piece Knife Set includes the following knives:

  • Chef Knifes (8-inch): A versatile, all-purpose knife used for chopping, slicing, and mincing a wide range of ingredients.
  • Santoku Knife (7-inch): A Japanese-style knife with a shorter, wider blade, suitable for precision slicing and chopping.
  • 5-inch Santoku (5-inch): Similar to the larger 7-inch Santoku, but meant specifically for small cutting tasks, like quickly chopping raw ingredients.
  • Bread Knife (8-inch): A serrated knife designed to slice through bread and other delicate baked goods without crushing them.
  • Slicing Knife (8-inch): A long, thin knife used for slicing roasts, large cuts of meat, and poultry.
  • Utility Knife (5-inch): A mid-sized knife that bridges the gap between a paring knife and a chef’s knife, suitable for various everyday tasks.
  • Paring Knife (3.5-inch): A small knife with a short blade, ideal for peeling, trimming, and detailed cutting.

Aikido has included a very thorough selection of knives in their 7-Piece Knife Set. For those on a limited budget, the Signature 5-Piece Set is also a great option, although it lacks the Bread Knife and Slicing Knife.

If you’re looking to own the complete Signature Series Knife Set, some of their add-ons include a Boning Knife, Nakiri (Cleaver) Knife, and the Signature Steak Knife Set. However, you’ll have to buy each of these separately.

Blade Performance of Aikido Knives

When we began testing Aikido Knives around 8 months ago, we had one question in mind: are they truly as durable and sharp as Aikido claims? After using them for over half a year, we can confidently say that they live up to their marketing promises. In fact, with regular sharpening, their performance only gets better.

One of the standout features of this knife set is its comprehensiveness. With such a wide range of cutting tools at your disposal, you’ll always have the right one for the job within arm’s reach. You might ask yourself, “do I really need 7 knives?”. Well, you might not use all 7 knives when preparing a meal, however, the worst thing you can do for knife maintenance is using the wrong one for the wrong purpose. Using a Chef Knife for slicing a turkey will definitely dull your Chef Knife over time.

When evaluating the blades, our main concern is how well they maintain their sharpness. The Aikido Signature Set exceeded our expectations in this regard, showing minimal degradation in sharpness over time. This is likely due to the high-carbon composition of their steel blades. In comparison, other knife sets we’ve tested at this price point, like Zwilling, required frequent sharpening to maintain their factory sharpness. While we did sharpen our Aikido knives occasionally, it’s worth noting that they performed exceptionally well even after daily use for several months.

Material Quality and Design of Aikido Knives

Overall Design

When you pick up those Aikido Knives, you can instantly feel the magic in your hands. They’ve nailed the weight and balance, making you know you’re holding some serious pro-level tools. When you hold each knife individually, they felt like pure powerhouses – sturdy and stable all the way. Aikido Steel didn’t mess around; you can see the thought and love they put into the design and construction.

Knife Blades

Now, let’s talk blade game. The stainless steel knife blades are sleek, shiny, and totally on point. But what really sets the Aikido Steel Signature Set apart is that gorgeous blade pattern. We thought the blades looked awesome in the website pics, but in person? Mind-blowing. We tried to capture this pattern in the photos above, but honestly, it’s a tough job to do it justice.

Knife Handles

The handles of these knives are crafted with exquisite pakkawood, a sturdy synthetic material ideal for the home kitchen. Unlike the ordinary knives found at your local department/home store, these knives boast a distinctiveness that sets them apart. The wooden texture of the handles perfectly complements the gleaming steel blades. As we held the knives, the rounded handles provided a comfortable grip, making them an ideal choice for daily meal preparation.

Overall, Aikido Knives have got it going on. If you’re a serious cook who wants top-quality tools that feel like magic and look like a work of art, look no further.

Storage Options

Aikido Steel has 2 main storage options to accompany the Signature Knife Set:

  1. Yoki Stainless Steel Knife Holder
  2. Horudo Acacia Wood Magnetic Knife Holder

We can’t speak for the Horudo Magnetic Holder, however, we did try out the Yoki Stainless Steel Holder as part of our test. We loved the sleek metallic look of the Yoki Holder on our countertop. We also found that all 7 knives in the Signature Knife Set fit well and comfortably within the Yoki Holder. There are also a few additional slots available, in case you want to add a honing rod of your own. The Yoki Holder also had a non-slip weighted base, which meant it didn’t tip over when all 7 knives were inside.

We felt the Yoki Holder was much more practical than some of the wooden knife blocks we had used with other knife sets. We really liked that if your knives were not fully dry after cleaning them, you could still store them in the holder, unlike with wooden knife blocks which would grow mold over time if wet knives were placed inside. This is because the Yoki Holder is made from stainless steel and also has a drain hole at the bottom, which ensures your knives are saved from deterioration

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Aikido Signature Knife Set is equipped with stainless steel blades, making the cleaning process extremely convenient. Based on our experience, simply wiping them gently with a soapy wet sponge or cloth and rinsing them with water is sufficient. There is no need to resort to steel wool or the rough side of a sponge. To prevent the formation of rust or water marks, it is crucial to hand dry the knives after cleaning, just like with any other professional knife set.


Aikido Steel sells their Signature 7-Piece Set for $478, which is a reasonable expectation for a set of 7 restaurant-grade kitchen knives. Generally, professional knife sets cost around $600 to $700. Based on our experience with Aikido Steel knives over the last few months, you are getting good value for your $478.

Periodically, Aikido Steel conducts storewide sales when they discount their entire product line from 40% to 50% off. During these events, it is crucial to act swiftly as their products tend to sell out within days. If you come across their regular price of $478 on the website and wish to be informed about their storewide sales, simply sign up for The Knife Experts email newsletter, and we’ll keep you updated.

At The Knife Experts, we cater to the needs of home chefs who typically have a budget of $100 to $200 for a quality set of kitchen knives. So, if you manage to snag Aikido Steel’s Signature Knife Set during one of their storewide sales, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

So, should you buy Aikido Knives?

Without a doubt, we recommend the Aikido Steel Signature Knife Set. From the exceptional quality of the blades to the charming aesthetics of the wooden handles, we have been thoroughly impressed. As avid culinary enthusiasts who have tested numerous knife sets, we can confidently say that after eight months of using Aikido Knives, this set stands out as one of our top recommendations for your kitchen. It’s rare to see a knife set that successfully combines excellent design with restaurant-grade performance.

The Knife Experts

The Knife Experts

Hi, we’re James and Luke, two Brooklyn-based chefs on a mission to help home cooks and aspiring chefs unleash their culinary potential through the mastery of kitchen knives. Join us on this journey.

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